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The Fair Standards Alliance believes it’s time to embrace a new culture of ‘collaboration for creation’. That’s how we’ll help build the Internet of Things (IoT) and that’s how we’ll see Industry 4.0 make a real difference to our lives.

The FSA believes it’s time to get out of the court room and back into the lab which is where the brain-power creates the innovative technology and products we are all using – day in and day out.

The FSA believes it’s time to focus once again on the development and deployment of useful technology and products that improve our lives.

Europe’s added-value is in its wealth of creative people. People – and the thousands of creative companies they work for including SMEs – will drive Europe’s economic future. But if those companies are to grow and prosper, then there needs to be a level playing field that allows innovation to thrive – including ensuring fair access to essential patents at reasonable licensing prices as well as a fair pay-day to the patent holders.

We stand for a new ‘culture of collaboration for creation’.
We are standing-up for Europe’s economic future.

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