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Free membership for a trial period of 6 months

Some concrete benefits that you can enjoy after joining us in our new membership category of Trial associate members include:

  • Free membership for a trial period of 6 months
  • Understanding how SEP licensing and the FRAND policy debate may impact SMEs such as you, and your customers and end consumers.
  • Becoming part of the effort to create a more balanced negotiation environment for SEP licensing, stimulating innovation in Europe, and expanding your network.
  • Giving your company a voice in forming EU policy and legislation that impact your business, your revenues and your clients.
  • Being part of a ground-breaking team being noticed by top-flight EU politicians, decision makers and media.
  • Getting up-to-date information on EU and global developments, activities and events relevant to the policy debate in regular reports.
  • Meeting other IP members from across your sector and many others at regular FSA meetings in Brussels to discuss policy goals.
  • Secretariat and membership support based in Brussels, the center of European decision-making.
  • Getting updates and information on SEP and FRAND issues in the Working Group Associates’ Academy

Our services include membership support for any policy questions you may have, with a dedicated members section where documents are shared and updated on a weekly basis.  As members of the FSA you will have access to the different internal working groups, to tailored materials and up-to-date information on the European Union and global policy developments.  The FSA will help to you build your knowledge about SEP licensing and FRAND principles, to facilitate your own internal decision-making and assess how SEP’s may impact your business.

We regularly hold high-level meetings at the Brussels institutions to bring the message contained in our Key Principle across.  Members of the Alliance are always welcome to participate in these meetings, and to provide us with any specific messages or concerns they would like to see us share in such meetings.

At our meetings with the Commission, many officials have stressed how much they appreciate hearing from SMEs who are involved in issues relating to SEP licensing.  This is a great opportunity for you to be heard on these issues, and to be supported by the FSA.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have at

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