PRESS RELEASE: peiker acustic joins Fair Standards Alliance


Brussels, 16 December, 2015 – The Fair Standards Alliance (FSA) announced today that peiker acustic, a leading supplier of mobile communication technology, has become its 17th member.

The Alliance was launched in November to promote the licensing of standards-essential patents (SEPs) on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

FSA chairman Robert Pocknell said: “We are very happy peiker has joined to support the goals we are promoting.”

Lutz Richter, VP Product Strategy and Intellectual Property of peiker said: “FRAND licensing issues are vitally important to our business and to the European economy as a whole, so we welcome the chance to lend support to the Alliance’s efforts to improve the current situation.”

The European-based association believes that unfair and unreasonable SEP licensing practices pose a significant risk to the innovation eco-system. The failure to abide by the FRAND commitment existing in most standardisation licensing creates barriers to entry for new market entrants, threatens to stifle the full potential for economic growth across major industry sectors, and ultimately harms consumer choice.

FSA’s member companies, which hold more than 160,000 patents and spend more than 32 billion euros per year on R&D and innovation, are: BMW, Cisco, Dell, Fairphone, HP, Intel, ip.acess, Juniper, N&M Consultancy, Lenovo, Cromax, RHA Legal, Sierra Wireless, Telit, u- blox and Volkswagen.

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