FSA welcomes smart metering company Kamstrup as its newest member

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Brussels, June 4, 2019 – The Fair Standards Alliance (FSA) welcomes Kamstrup, an intelligent energy and water metering company, as its newest member. The FSA is an alliance of European and global companies, large and small, that advocates for fairer licensing of standardized technology in the development and rollout of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Headquartered in Denmark, Kamstrup is the first European smart energy solution company to join the FSA, further expanding the already diverse spectrum of innovative industries represented by the Alliance, spanning the automotive, ICT, broadcasting and telecommunications sectors.

Paving the way for a balanced framework on SEP licensing that is key to the rollout of 5G and the IoT, the FSA and its 45-strong membership continuously brings forward its expertise to drive a fairer and more transparent Standard Essential Patent (SEP) licensing ecosystem in Europe.

“We are pleased to join the FSA as we strongly believe in its mission and look forward to being part of its endeavour to contribute to the future of balanced SEP policies of Europe’s Digital Single Market that would facilitate, rather than hamper, our efforts to continuously innovate and offer ever more customers cutting edge technological advancement of smarter, more responsible, electricity, heat, cooling and water solutions.” – said Rasmus Søby Dupont, IP Manager, Commercial & Legal Services, Kamstrup.

“The FSA is delighted to welcome Kamstrup, not least because it represents an addition of yet another sector to the FSA community of innovative technology companies of all sizes that are determined to ensure that licensing of SEPs required by so many smart devices is done on a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) basis. The FSA membership expansion to the smart energy solutions space is particularly timely, given the European Commission’s stated focus on SEPs policy recommendations targeting automotive, energy and medical devices sectors in particular. Although ever more diverse, our membership is united to bring more balance to the SEPs negotiations table.” – said Robert Pocknell, Chairman of the FSA Board.

About Kamstrup:

A world leading provider of intelligent meters and remote reading systems to analytics and services, Kamstrup delivers high-quality solutions for utilities, property managers and other companies who depend on reliable consumption data.

Founded by Olaf Kamstrup in Denmark in 1946, today the company has employees in more than 20 countries around the world, with the number of territories in which it operates, continually increasing as part of a global expansion.

Every day around the world, Kamstrup smart meters, installed in households and commercial buildings, enable the delivery of more intelligent, reliable and cost-effective ways to measure and manage the supply of energy and water.

About FSA:

  • The FSA is an Alliance of European and international companies – both large and small – across a range of sectors but united by one goal: to champion Europe as a leader in the development and rollout of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Our 45-strong membership include SMEs, global and European companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Harman, Intel, Cisco, Fairphone, AirTies and Nordic Semiconductor. The full list is available on the FSA website.
  • Members of the FSA contribute to the EU economy by employing more than one million people in the EU alone.
  • The FSA unites a number of the world’s largest innovators. It includes companies that spend billions of Euros annually on R&D, developing technologies, participating in standards development and licensing SEPs to others.
  • Annually, the aggregate turnover of the Alliance members is close to 2 trillion Euros, and on aggregate our members spend more than 100 Billion Euros on R&D and innovation and have more than 300,000 patents that are either granted or pending.
  • The FSA seeks to help build a balanced framework for the licensing of standard essential patents on FRAND terms. These FRAND commitments accomplish two goals: firstly, implementers of a standard can feel secure that they can get licenses on fair and reasonable terms, and secondly, the SEP holders can receive appropriate remuneration for their patented inventions.

For further information: https://fair-standards.org/

FSA General Information: +32 (0)2 2 289 0802, [email protected]

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