Video: FSA Chairman congratulates Alliance Members for achievements over the last 5 years


In the below video, the Fair Standards Alliance Chairman Robert Pocknell congratulates Members on the occasion of the 5 years anniversary of the Alliance.

Five years ago, an initial group of 14 companies from around the world came together as the Fair Standards Alliance. Our mission was to contribute to building a balanced framework for sustainable licensing of standard essential patents. This collective initiative was created to ensure that unfair licensing practices by a small number of standard essential patent holders does not become more prevalent and more global.

Five years on, it is clear that those concerns were justified and FSA will continue to advocate its principles in high level meetings with stakeholders and public consultations in Brussels and around the world. We will remain dedicated to our mission, contributing to the future of balanced standard essential patent policies, helping innovative companies everywhere to flourish and to deliver the next generation of solutions for the connected future.


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