‘Friends of FRAND’ Award Granted to FSA Outgoing Chair

FoF Award 2021

The Fair Standards Alliance (FSA) is delighted to present a ‘Friends of FRAND’ award to Robert Pocknell for his long-term contribution to advocating for the licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

The FSA has launched its ‘Friends of FRAND’ programme to recognise the paramount importance of FRAND for fostering creativity, innovation, and jobs in Europe and beyond. The programme acknowledges the people who drive forward the debate to promote an open and collaborative approach for the licensing of SEPs that are vital for the creation of the next generation wireless technology products. We are pleased to give the first ‘Friends of FRAND’ award to Robert Pocknell, CEO of N&M Consultancy.

Robert led the FSA as the elected Chair of the Board of the Alliance since its inception six years ago. Under Robert’s leadership, the FSA has grown to more than fifty members from multiple industries from across Europe and overseas. He has dedicated more than 20 years to patent licensing issues relating to telecommunications standardisation where FRAND has always played a significant role. Robert has stepped down from the FSA Chair position and will continue to be involved in the FSA activities as a member of the Board.

The FSA also extends a warm welcome to Ief Daems, Legal Director at Cisco, as the newly elected Chair. Ief has already played a very active role at the FSA, including as the Alliance Vice Chair.

Edmund Mangold, Senior Expert and European Patent Attorney at BMW Group, is joining the Board as its newest member, having been closely involved in the work of the Alliance since it was founded.

Robert Pocknell said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to have worked with our members and to have chaired the FSA for the past six years. The FSA is the leading voice of reason in the SEP debate, and whilst we have made great strides in bringing attention to the many issues faced by innovators and standard users, I am looking forward to help drive further change to make SEP licensing fairer and more transparent.”

Ief Daems said: “I am thrilled about taking up this new opportunity, and very much look forward to working with our members and engaging with external stakeholders on these important policy topics”.

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