Standard Essential Patents licensing models for IoT

29sep15:45Standard Essential Patents licensing models for IoT

Event Details

Description: This virtual panel will discuss:

  • IoT standards: What are important IoT standards? What are the IoT use cases where SEPs matter? E.g. Automotive and home appliances? Will access to SEPs influence the technology choice where possible?
  • Patent pools: How can pools reduce negotiation costs? How can pools set incentives also for SMEs? Licensing on component vs. OEM level? What are other aggregation models? Who defines pricing for all verticals?
  • FRAND case law: Comments on DoJ 5G Business Review Letter. Comments on recent German and UK FRAND decisions. What will change / stay the same for SEP licensees? Expectation of future litigation?
  • Outlook: How will the IoT industry have to prepare for licensing SEPs for standards they implement? Will strategies change for IP management in industries where IoT matters? Will IoT companies also join standards development for connectivity standards?

The two panelist that will be interviewed by our CEO Tim Pohlmann are:

  • Matthias Schneider Chief Licensing Officer Audi
  • Dr. Thomas Buchholz Chief Digital Patent Counsel BSH Home Appliances Group






29th September 2020 15:45(GMT+00:00)