july, 2019

01julAll DayUpcoming conferences (U.S., EU) on chipset-level patent licensing and the royalty base in automotive and other high-tech products in light of FTC v. Qualcomm

Event Details


One-day conference in Northern California (for U.S. and Asian attendees) and another one in the Munich area (for a European audience) to discuss the following aspects and implications of the chipset-level licensing and royalty-base parts of Judge Koh’s opus magnum:

  1. The FTC v. Qualcomm ruling, the underlying testimony, and the parties’ arguments
  2. Outlook: next procedural steps; prospects of affirmance, reversal, certiorari, or settlement
  3. Comparison to other U.S. case law (Microsoft v. MotorolaGPNE Corp v. AppleHTC v. Ericsson); Entire Market Value Rule and smallest salable patent-practicing unit (SSPPU); influence of FTC v. Qualcomm on other U.S. decisions
  4. Patent exhaustion and its attempted circumvention (covenants not to sue, covenants to exhaust remedies)
  5. Chipset licensing and standard-setting organizations’ FRAND licensing guidelines
  6. Automotive antitrust complaints (Continental v. Avanci, DG COMP complaints by Daimler, Bury et al.)
  7. Potential for adoption of Judge Koh’s reasoning in Europe under Art. 102 TFEU
  8. Is legislative action warranted/desirable or can case law solve the problem?
  9. Panel discussion (ideally, a neutral moderator and two speakers from each side of the debate)

More information available here: http://www.fosspatents.com/2019/06/upcoming-conferences-us-eu-on-chipset.html

DATE: TO BE CONFIRMED. Message from the organizer (Foss Patents): there are no definitive conference dates, but I do plan to turn this around rather quickly. I’ll be very receptive to what you have to say, and it would really help to know how many of you are interested in attending at a market-level attendance fee (and in which of the two locations). So please drop me an email at [email protected] if these conferences are potentially relevant to your work.



All Day (Monday)