Towards a functional Internet of Things ecosystem

For the European market for the Internet of Things (IoT) to reach its potential, we need to put innovators at the heart of the ecosystem.

FSA’s member companies are continually bringing the latest and best IoT products and services to market. We need a functional IoT ecosystem that allows IoT innovators to bring their products to market, so that consumers can reap the benefits of IoT. 

This ecosystem should contain six simple steps: after an IoT innovator invents a new device, they should be able to consult a patent register, in order to establish which standard essential patents will best suit their needs. They should then be able to engage in open, transparent and good-faith negotiations with patent owners, under the adjudication of independent third-party experts. Following the successful conclusion of these negotiations, the connective technology can then be embedded into the innovative new product and brought to market, where consumers will be able to access a transformative new connected device.