FSA in the FT – Let’s have more transparency on standard essential patents


Fair Standards Alliance Chair Robert Pocknell writing in the Financial Times (7th August 2017) tackles patent licensing myths in the age of the internet of things and explains why the FSA’s call for open and transparent SEP licensing must be supported by the EU:

“Some of Europe’s least innovative companies today sit on a gold mine of patent rent from the early days of mobile technology aiming to gain from their past inventions and unfairly freeride a profit off the innovation of others down the creativity line in the name of securing the internet of things for Europe. ……In contrast to this strategy, a number of innovation-leading European multinationals and SMEs – especially among Europe’s car industry – have joined together in the Fair Standards Alliance to call for fairer, more open and transparent SEP licensing thereby recognising that a more open system is essential to drive innovation and competition.  They have been joined in this call by a number of established “Silicon Valley” companies who have a long-standing commitment to contributing to open standards.”

Click here to read the full letter at the FT.com

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