We have invited the following speakers from the industry who will provide their own perspectives:

  1. Mr. Adarsh Ramanujan (Independent counsel, Law Chambers of Adarsh Ramanujan)
  2. Mr. Ashutosh Kumar (Associate Partner, Singh and Singh)
  3. Mr. Dirk Weiler (Head of Standards Policy, NOKIA)
  4. J Sai Deepak (Arguing Counsel, Supreme Court of India)
  5. Nishant Sharma (Lead Counsel, IP and Litigation, Dobly Laboratries (TBC)
  6. Rajiv Kumar Chaudhary (Partner, Halder & Associates)
  7. Vishwas Devaiah (Professor of Law, Jindal Global Law School)


Link: https://spicyip.com/2020/09/online-roundtable-on-the-global-implications-unwired-planet-v-huawei-lessons-for-indias-evolving-sep-jurisprudence-september-11.html